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92x92x25mm AC Fan


Model:AC9225 Series AC Fan

Size: 92* 92* 25mm

Frame: : Aluminum Alloy with plastic-spraying

Impeller: Plastic P. B. T.

Coil: Enamelled copper wire

Motor: Shade Pole Induction Motor Working Voltage: AC110V/AC220V/AC380V

Current: 0.07~0.11A

Frequency: 50/60 (Hz) Power: 8.0W~26.6 (W)

Speed: 2000~2900(RPM) Air flow: 20.12~37.5(CFM)

Pressure: 2.70~5.68(mmH2O)

Bear type: Ball bearing / Sleeve bearing are available

Lead Type: 2P Wire Lead /Terminal

Noise: 22.50~37.0(dBA) Weight: 240(g)

Insulation Resistance: 10M At 500VDC between lead and frame

Operation Temperature: -20° C~80° C


Use of life: Ball bearing 50, 000 hours and Sleeve bearing 30, 000 hours (at 25° C)

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